10 Sex-It-Up Essentials

Box for sex toys

There are 10 things that everyone should have ready for those moments you and your partner want to spice it up.

This list was compiled by women for a woman but men should really have one as well if he wants to please the woman he is with.

This pleasure storage box should be readily available for use and remember to switch it up from time to time and add new items.

1. Lubricants are the base necessity of any romantic stash. It is very important to have a condom-friendly lube ready.

Water-based lubricants are the best for use with condoms and they come in a variety of thicknesses and even tastes. Having massage oil or lotion available will get you on the good side of just about any woman.

2. Condoms, dental dams and/or latex gloves. Safer sex is critical to your health and it would be unfortunate to be caught without a condom if you are in the heat of the moment.

3. Blindfolds (or man’s tie) can add to the suspense and heighten the other sensations of your partner.

The extra anticipation that a blindfold brings can heighten any sexual experience.

4. Erotica to read to each other or to watch together. Erotica can bring new ideas or provide extra stimulation to your lovemaking session. With the variety available you are sure to find something that is exciting for you both.

5. Stockings, soft ties or rope can be fun for occasional bondage play. A pair of handcuffs is essential for some role-playing fantasies as well.

Make sure you talk to your partner before you tie them up so that it is fun for everyone.

6. A feather, ice cubes or any other interesting texture or sensation causing tool can make you feel things in new ways.

A light feather touch down your partners back is sure to cause them to shiver with pleasure.

7. A random, fun item to play with. Maybe some edible body paints, love dice, or a sexy thong (for him or her).

Have fun with this one; there is a never-ending new assortment of product coming out to bring you and your partner closer together.

8. Sex toys can add a lot in the bedroom. There are enough kids out there that you will find something for everyone or every couple. Experiment with different types and see what you both like the best.

9. Erotic edible items in the fridge. Whipped cream, honey, chocolate sauce, all these things can provide hours of entertainment and a midnight snack at the same time.

Try foods at different temperatures, like warm honey, to sweeten up special spots.

10. Clean up supplies. Baby wipes, a towel or tissues can come in really handy when you are both spent and don’t want to go searching for ways to clean up.

By having pleasure as you will never run out of things to make a hot night even hotter for you and your partner.