Anal Masturbation

Anal sex toys

The anus as a sexual organ is still regarded with some taboo.

The fact of the matter is the anus is a body part, not much different from any other. It is a sensitive area filled with nerve endings.

The female g-spot and male prostate can both be stimulated via anal penetration.

With the proper treatment, it can be immensely pleasurable.

With proper preparation, anal masturbation is generally not any dirtier than any other kind of masturbation and is not painful.

Enjoying anal masturbation will not change your sexual orientation.

What it will do is give you a new way to enjoy your body.

Anal masturbation does take a bit more preparation.

To begin, you should try to have a bowel movement well before your session. Doing so will clear the rectum of fecal material, which can ruin your good times.

It is also a good idea to bathe beforehand to ensure your body is clean.

Avoid excessive scrubbing, harsh cleansers, or anything heavily scented, as all three are likely to irritate the anus.

It is also helpful to gather up any items you may want to have on hand before you start.

You may wish to lay down a towel or keep one nearby for your hands.

Have any toys you wish to use standing by and clean.

Have your favorite lube nearby. You may wish to use a glove for your hand or a condom for your toy, so make sure to have those handy as well.

Finally, take the time to relax. When the body is tense or nervous, the anus tends to clench shut.

This can make anal penetration difficult or painful.

So enjoy a bath, take a walk, drink some tea, have a massage. Anything that will help you to relax and put you in a calm state of mind.

As you begin, remember lubrication is absolutely essential. Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating.

If you are not accustomed to anal penetration, start small. Usually, a finger or a small, thin toy will do.

Make sure any toy you use has a flared base, or else you may “lose it” during masturbation and end up with an embarrassing ER story.

Find a comfortable position that allows you easy access to your anus, and use your lubed finger or toy to gently stroke your anus.

Don’t rush into penetration, but allow yourself to adjust to the sensation of movement and slight pressure.

As you exhale, gently press into your anus. Using slow, gentle, but firm pressure is best.

If you start to feel uncomfortable or experience pain, stop and allow yourself to relax.

It may be helpful to stimulate yourself in other ways while you penetrate your anus.

Try massaging other parts of your body, or using your other hand to stroke your clitoris or penis.

As you gain experience, you may wish to use more than one finger or upgrade to a larger toy.

Relax and listen to your body-it knows what it wants.

Illustration by Spankart