Anal Toys

Anal toys

Anal toys can be lots of fun for men and women alike.

The male g-spot, the prostate, is best stimulated from within the anus.

Women often report that sex while "full" from an anal toy is far more intense than without.

No matter what you're considering, we highly recommend being generous with the lubrication.

There are three general types of anal toys:

Anal beads - either bead strung together, or a series of balls or ribs molded into rubber or silicone, anal beads provide pleasure with each accommodation of the anus to "pop" out a bead at a time.

Butt plugs - butt plugs are typically designed with a large bulbous shape, tapering to a smaller diameter, before the attachment to a flared base.

Butt plugs offer a pleasurable sense of fullness and will tend to rub against the prostate inside a man, or against the back wall of the vagina on a woman, intensifying sexual stimulation.

Anal wands - these longer anal toys with handles are suited well to be manually penetrated by someone else.

They reach deeper than beads or plugs tend to, and are essentially dildoes with handles.

Of course, there are variations combining these features in a mix-and-match fashion, as well as adding battery-powered vibration for even more stimulation.