Best Sex Positions to Eat Her Out

Oral sex positions

There’s nothing women like more than having their partner go down on them.

Sure, there are a rare few who genuinely don’t enjoy it, but everyone else either hasn’t experienced it yet or didn’t have the right partner.

Done right, you can get her legs shaking and begging for more.

Going down on her is also a great way to help your partner orgasm if she finds it difficult through penetrative sex (you should also see if she’s comfortable using a small clitoral vibrator – it will change sex for the better for both of you) oral sex is sure to make her cum.

If you make a regular habit of going down on her (and good for you if you do), you may be looking for ways to spice up your oral play with some new positions – below you’ll find suggestions for new couples and long-term partners alike.


Start with the Basics

Get her on the edge of the bed (or any other surface you want to have sex on) and get down there.

Start by spending a ton of time teasing her by touching, breathing on, and gently licking her inner thighs, outer lips, and clit before you get to work.

When you do, experiment with different pressures and areas, and use your breath to change the temperature and keep her sensitive to your mouth.

Reach up and touch her breasts while you lick, and don’t forget to penetrate her with your fingers and tongue – take it slow until she’s begging!


“The Butterball”

In this position, she lies on her back and pulls her knees up to her chest.

If she’s a bit shy, you may want to leave this position until you’ve gone down on her a few times, as it requires her to be fully exposed (e.g. you could slip down for a rim job if that’s something you’re both up for).

Then, either get her to lift her feet up in the air or part her knees to allow you access.

The lifted elevation will keep her muscles tight and increase her pleasure.

Face Sitting

Let her ride you – but by straddling your head instead of your hips. Have her hover over you while you lick and suck to your heart’s content.

She may lower herself to use your nose on her clit, which can be sexy as hell – but it’s best to have a way to signal when you need a moment to breathe, or instead ask her to lean back with her hands on your thighs so you can tip your head back for breath.


69 on Your Side

The traditional idea of 69ing isn’t exactly practical – often one person ends up almost crushing the other, there’s no room to move, and you kinda have to be a contortionist.

Instead, both lie on your sides top-to-tail and use what the other person is doing to you to fuel what you do to them.


Take Control

Tie ‘em up! Can you imagine how hot it is to be slowly tied up and then have someone have their way with you – by going down on you? Yeah, that’s hot.

Make sure you go slow so they can say if they don’t want to be tied up, but if you’ve done it before then just make it happen!


Mix it Up

Don’t be afraid to experiment with how you eat her out. If you don’t much like the taste take a shower together (or go for it right after she gets out the shower) and/or use edible lubricants.

If she’s not too sensitive down there, an edible lubricant is a delicious way to give yourself extra incentive to get down there. Simply pick a flavor (or flavors) you enjoy, lube up, and lick it away!

Another way to mix it up is to buy some new toys to use while you eat her out.

Sit down together to order them or go out to buy them together for some sexy and teasing foreplay before you even take your clothes off!

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