CalExotics Waterproof Jack Rabbit Review

CalExotics Waterproof Jack Rabbit Vibrator

When it comes to vibrators there’s been none as popular as the Rabbit.

The invention of these bunnies was truly revolutionary and once they hit the sex toy scene, they forever changed the landscape.

There just was something about having a dual action toy that could really do magic tricks on a woman’s g-spot and clit at the same time that no wonder they’ve hit the top of the charts and stayed there ever since.

The original Rabbit Pearl meant that those tiny rotating beads of love just tingled and tantalized bringing women all over the world to new heights.

Since then, hundreds of rabbit vibrators have procreated and now there are so many amazing variations and designs to choose from it’s almost like there has been a population explosion and those bunnies are just having fun everywhere!

And wherever there is a bunny having fun, there’s a happy woman out there as well.

And that’s what we love about these amazing products – the effect that they have in bringing out the best in climaxes and isn’t that the whole point!

With just a push of a button, a woman can feel a myriad of sensations all at the same time.

There are no wires that need to get in the way and with spinning pleasure pearls rotating away and with the rabbit head twisting and twirling you can just imagine what that is going to feel like deep inside.

Changing up the speeds means that you can increase and decrease the levels of intensity and be in total control.

You can turn things up right at the opportune moment and then turn it off just right when things are about to explode to really drive her wild.

Some people do find it a bit tricky to zero in on the exact position in order to get the full effect but just like with everything else, practice makes perfect and isn’t this something that you want to keep practicing with in order to get to perfection?

In fact, you can just keep pretending that you don’t have the technique quite right and keep practicing anyway – how fun is that!

Other shapes and sizes that are available with the rabbit vibrator are really just about personal preference.

You want to find a size and thickness that is going to work for you – too big something although seems appealing, is just too awkward and even sometimes painful, so don’t get carried away and think that bigger is always better.

So if you still haven’t jumped on the bunny train, you really need to do yourself and your partner a favor and go get a rabbit vibrator of your very own.

They’re easy to keep clean, only need a few batteries to keep them going.

The only bad news is that they don’t actually procreate on their own – so no extra baby bunnies will be on the way any time soon.

But have fun with the one you get – we know you will!