Enhance Your Love Life With Sex Toys

Adult sex toys

Sex toys are an underutilized tool for couples in the bedroom.

There is a much-preconceived notation about who uses sex toys and even more stigma attached to using them with your partner, but it is time to let that go and take your love life to the next level.

Sex toys will never replace your partner. Using them doesn’t mean that you are not good or skilled enough naturally either.

There are a number of different orgasms that both men and women can have and using toys with your partner just helps take advantage of the range of possible orgasms, usually intensifying them.

When you first introduce a new toy there is bound to be a little awkwardness or nervousness but if you both are open and are able to laugh together at any fumbling, you will get the hang of it in no time.

If you do a little research on your new toy it will help give ideas on possible ways to use it.

Don’t be shy about trying different thing.

Communication is the key. Both of you need to talk and tell each other what is working and what isn’t.

The most important thing is to have fun.

The available selection of toys is staggering. Whether you look online or in a store, the possible toy options can be a little overwhelming.

Don’t forget that toys can take the form of many things and are not limited to the traditional vibrator.

Here are some of the toy categories available: toys you insert (some vibrators, dildos, Ben Wa balls and anal beads or plugs), male masturbators, toys specifically for couples (cock rings, positioning aids like a love swing or the wedge, BDSM materials, lingerie, lubrication for massage, penetration or flavored), and vibrators.

The best way to enhance your love life with sex toys is to look at you the intimacy you are already experiencing and deciding what you would like to improve.

If she is having a little trouble climaxing it may be that she isn’t getting enough clitoral stimulation.

In that case, a vibrating cock ring might be just what she needs to push her over the edge. A cock ring can also be useful in prolonging erections for him.

If she is having clitoral orgasms maybe a g-spot vibrator would intensify her orgasms exponentially.

Lingerie, edible body paints or adult games can help both get in the mood making the experience just that much better.

Adult games are really good for bedroom ideas as well a way to try new things if expressing your desires is difficult.

Having an area of focus can help with narrowing down the possibilities.

Within this narrowed field you can then look at specific items and choose one that appeals to you both.

Don’t forget that you want a toy that looks appealing to use. If a realistic looking dong or vibrator turns him off then don’t get it.

You want both parties to be excited about using it. Not every toy works for everyone.

For example, some vibrators come with variable speeds while others vibrate in different patterns (bursts of vibration as opposed to one continuous vibration).

There will be some trial and error involved with choosing the right toy(s), just enjoy.

Sex toys can really spice up your love life.

Sometimes it just bumps it up a notch and other times it offers that extra push to have both parties feeling extremely satisfied.

Either way, it never hurts to try!

photo credit: twicepix fresh vibes via photopin (license)