Erotic Fiction

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If you have ever watched a movie or stumbled upon a particularly steamy section in a novel you’re reading and felt that familiar tingling between your legs and start thinking someone turned up the heat?

Than you so have to know that it’s pretty common to get ‘turned on’ when watching or reading romantic or sexy scenes.

That was probably the impetus for porn or erotic fiction – somewhere someone accidentally got a hard on from reading something suggestive and now erotic fiction has a whole genre all of its own and for good reason.

You can tune into erotic fiction for a number of reasons. Perhaps you are not in a relationship and your only recourse is to get to read about someone else at least getting lucky.

Reading about sexual escapades can be a lot of fun but they can also be a lead into some pretty hot and heavy masturbation sessions as well.

As someone who is part of a couple, you can also get a lot of enjoyment out of reading erotic fiction as part of your own foreplay or couple time together.

It can be super erotic to read to each other in bed and just imagine how the other person is getting turned on.

That can then be a huge turn on for yourself and lead into all sorts of fun romping between the sheets afterward.

Sometimes it is just a part of escapism and de-stressing as well.

Losing yourself inside of a great erotic novel that has an intriguing story plot, engaging characters, intertwined with some super hot and heavy action can be just what the doctor ordered in order to calm your nerves and lower your blood pressure.

There are all sorts of different kinds of erotic fiction depending on what you are into.

You can read about vampire fantasies, the traditional heroine in distress kind of fantasy, or even something a little more kinky into the BDSM genre as well.

Whatever turns you on is totally fine and well within the realm of self-gratification and pleasure seeking.

We are all stressed out trying to meet the demands of life whether we are in a full-time relationship or not, so being able to zone out and spend some time deep within the fantasy of someone else that can take us out of our crazy worlds and into somewhere else where we can feel good and have fun is never a bad thing.

So load up your library card or get an account at Amazon and look forward to lots of hot and horny nights ahead all snuggled up in your bed under your covers, with your nose buried into your book, and tingling between your legs – have fun!