Female Masturbation Techniques

Vagina symbol

Want to hear something crazy?

Some women still have trouble masturbating. Not because they aren’t sexual beings, or don’t like sex, but for a variety of reasons.

Some women, no matter how much they try to think otherwise, are conditioned from a young age to find masturbation ‘dirty.’

This ‘unclean’ practice is a source of shame and guilt, and that emotional blackmail causes a big mental roadblock.

For those who don’t have mental issues with masturbation, they often simply have trouble finding the right tool to get the job done!

Sex toys are made in a wide variety of sizes, textures, and speeds for a reason – every woman is different, and every woman is going to need a different bang for her buck.

Sex toys can also be a great addition to things commonly found in the house.

Lube is one thing you should always keep on hand.

Adding lube to nearly any adult toy will automatically increase your pleasure without having to spend a lot of time on foreplay if you have trouble getting yourself in the mood.

Beyond that, there are a few tips you can employ to kick it up a notch:

Take your favorite dildo and pop it in the freezer for thirty minutes.

The intense cold can add a delicious thrill to an already good time.

Tease yourself. While some women find it distasteful, being alone is no reason to skimp on foreplay.

Have fun with your vibrator, or your dildo – rub it against your thighs on a lower setting, or tease your nipples and any other erogenous zones you may have.

The added sensation will get your motor running and make your orgasm that much more intense.

If the idea of being stimulated while you’re around people turns you on, get a small, quiet running, battery operated egg vibrator and enjoy teasing yourself by wearing it at your desk at work, or while you’re cooking dinner for friends.

By the time you’re all alone, you’ll be so desperate for release that you’ll hardly have to work for it at all.

It’s nice to experiment with positions when you have a partner; well, the same holds true for masturbation!

If you enjoy a particular position while having sex, why not try to incorporate it into your self-pleasure?

Straddle a dildo or vibrator on a bed – this is a great way to let a vibrator tease your clit, as hovering above it limits pressure – and if you have the proper attachment, try to mount it on a wall or headboard.

Mounting the base of a dildo can offer multiple hands-free positions that increase the fantasy aspect of masturbating while offering a unique physical sensation as well.

However, you decide to masturbate, remember that it’s not all physical anymore than it’s all mental.

Once you find the perfect pitch to both sides of your sexuality, your pleasure will increase by leaps and bounds.