Fleshlight Stu Review

Fleshlight Male Masturbator

There are so many toys and sites and experts who like to tell everyone how to improve their sex life, how to increase their erection time, how to satisfy their lover, how to get bigger and better orgasms that sometimes it just gets to be a bit overwhelming – when all you really want is good sex, keep a relationship happy and yes of course, have good orgasms.

There is no denying that really the key to a great and healthy mutually satisfying sex life is time and practice.

There are no shortcuts to take really. You need to work at it and practice in this case really does make perfect.

And since not all partners are going to like the same things you need to build up your repertoire for sex play and be able to draw on a whole stash of tricks in order to please each person at the right time.

So of course masturbation is a key component of learning about how your own body works and how you react to stimulation and how and what turns you on the most.

Once you understand that then you can then guide your partner into participating in a level that is going to work for you to create those fabulous orgasms that of course make you feel great but that also let your partner know that they’re doing a great job as well!

But we all know that masturbating can start to get boring after a while and that is where the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU) comes in the picture.

This sex toy that has been designed specifically for men to use while masturbating is a pure stroke of genius as far as we’re concerned!

Basically, from the outside, it has been designed to look like a flashlight but inside it’s anything but!

Once you pop off the cap you will be amazed at the vagina replica that is there awaiting you.

The lips are so lifelike they are going to feel just like the real thing against your penis after you lube up and slide the fleshlight right over your cock.

Then you just start pumping away and within mere minutes you are going to lose all control and let it rip right inside these awaiting fleshlight.

Now the first time is definitely going to be the quickest time and so the premise is that you keep on practicing with the fleshlight STU building up your stamina so that after a while you will be able to increase your overall staying power and hold off dropping your load.

Imagine how surprised your partner is going to be when you can hold your orgasm for way longer than you used to be able to.