Giant Dildos

the giant dildo

If your sex life needs a little pick me up and your sex toy collection is looking a little dismal then why not try one of our amazing giant dildos to spice things up?

Not all dildos are created equal and when your partner gets a look at this baby, they are going to know you are serious about adding some extra special fun into the sex mix.

Now granted these giant dildos are not for everybody and have to be used with some decorum and sensitivities to your partner’s desires and body.

Some people start off using a smaller dildo and then work their way up to one of their larger cousins. That is probably the best way to go about bringing this giant into the bedroom.

If you start off with a dildo that is just too large from the onset that could end up having the opposite effect that you intended and through the whole sex toy experiment right out the window.

And no one wants to nix something new and fun from the beginning, so proceeding with caution is never the wrong way to go.

But if you already have a few dildos of various sizes and think that the timing is right to go all the way to a king kong version, then one our infamous giant dildos is probably just the man for the job.

You still should take some care and certainly not forget the lube if you are seriously going to have some fun with this larger than life version of your own penis.

Start off slowly no matter what, and then let your partner lead the way on how much farther and deeper and faster you’re going to use this guy.

You need to pay attention to the signals and if there is a little too much pulling away or a little too much resistance then you know it’s time to back it off a little bit and maybe add some extra lube or mix up the play with a smaller dildo so the pain/pleasure combo is at its finest.

But no matter what kind of giant dildo you are looking for, you have to know that our selection is one of the finest and we are sure to have exactly what you are looking for.

In fact, we like to think that we have a few extra special toys that you haven’t even thought of before and by browsing through our pages and pages of sex toys, we think that you are going to find exactly what your sex life needs right now.

So if it’s a giant dildo that has your eye, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. Load up your shopping cart and you can look forward to some fun and exciting times ahead!