How to Choose the Best Lube

Water based lube

With so many lubricants to choose from, making the right choice seems to be a daunting task.

We have gathered answers to some commonly asked questions about lubricants.

Hope these answers will help you pick out the right lubricant for the vibrator or the dildo you are buying.

Question 1: Why do I need to buy lubricants, and how do I know what kind of lubricant to buy?

To some people, this question might some silly. However, majorities of sex toy buyers we encountered never bothered acquiring lubricants with a dildo or vibrator purchase, which is something to be frowned upon.

Usage of lubricants can be categorized as the following:

Vagina Penetration: If you intend to use a lube internally or around sensitive areas of your body, make sure you only use water based or silicone based lubes.

Oil-based lubricants dramatically increase your chances of contracting yeast infections, and it is a mess to use internally.

We definitely recommend Astroglide. It is proven to be the best.

Anal Penetration: Do not ever conduct anal sex without using lubricants.

It is almost certain that you will not have a pleasant experience in anal sex without lubricants. When having anal penetration, make sure you use lots of lubricants.

Water and silicone based lubes are good to use here.

Silicone lasts longer than water, but it also depends on what kind of sex toy you are using.

There are a few lubes on the market that contains a type of an ingredient that desensitizes the anus such as lidocaine or benzocaine.

I don’t recommend using them because it is better to learn how to enjoy it by relaxing yourself instead of desensitizing yourself just for the sake of having anal sex.

Condoms: If you intend to use condoms as part of your sexual experience make sure the lube you choose is latex or condom compatible.

Oil lubes including Vaseline should NEVER be used with condoms as they will in a very short space of time break down the latex from which they are made.

A much better choice is a water or silicone based lube.

Oral Sex: This comes down to preference, first make sure you only purchase lubes that is edible, then it is up to you on what flavor to pick.

Some taste great, some taste nasty. Of course, all of the flavored lubes are water-based.

You should also avoid lubes that contain Nonoxynol-9 as it has a soapy taste to it.

Many of the water-based lubes will tell you that they have no taste but my experience is that many do have either a faint taste or leave a bitter after taste and like many things it’s a case of trial and error till you find a lube that suits your taste buds.

Flavored lubes should generally be applied to the outside of the genitals rather than inside a vagina as many contain glycerin which some women have reported helped promote yeast infections.

Question 2: What kind of lubricants should I use on the sex toys I bought?

If the sex toy is made of silicone then don’t use silicone based lubes on it. Over a period of time, silicone lube will break down the surface of the sex toy, turning surface into something quite nasty.

Water-Based lube is the best choice if you use a lot of sex toys.

Again, I highly recommend Astroglide.

Question 3: Can I use lubricants if I have really sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin then it may be best to avoid lubes that contain methyl, propylparaben or Nonoxynol-9 as these ingredients can irritate sensitive skins.

You may want to try some of the organic lubes that are now available but it is not guaranteed to not irritate your skin either. Here is one strawberry flavored organic lube.

A good tip is to apply some to the inside of your wrist and wait 12 to 24 hours. If you have any skin reactions, it is better not to use it anywhere else on your body.

Question 4: I want to use a toy in the bath/hot tub and shower what do you recommend?

By far the best choice here is the silicone lubes.

They are designed not to break down in water as easily as water-based lubes but at the same time are not absorbed into the body, instead of being naturally flushed after a certain amount of time.