How To Do a Female Ejaculation


Female ejaculation is a very natural occurrence. Although it has a strong stigma attached to it many women are naturally able to ejaculate and those that aren’t can usually be taught.

The experience of female ejaculation is one that is very empowering and freeing.

There are a couple of ways that a woman can learn to ejaculate.

Regardless of what method is used, it all centers on the g-spot.

The first step is to locate your g-spot. It is located above the top portion of her vaginal wall, usually just inside the vaginal opening.

You can tell if you are in the right spot because you can feel a rougher, harder spot, almost like a bag of marbles.

Once you located the g-spot, the next step is stimulation.

Using your fingers or a toy, stroke the g-spot as well as the clitoris.

This dual stimulation is usually the best combination to get her to orgasm.

Have her practice contracting around the fingers as they massage the g-spot and push them out by bearing down on the exhale.

That sensation of bearing down is the key to female ejaculation.

Most women have natural tendencies to contract in and up during their orgasm.

To ejaculate, though, she needs to train her body to release outwards by pushing out.

Many women fear that they are urinating during ejaculation but this is not true.

Because the ejaculate comes from the urethra, it can have a similar sensation to urinate.

The composition of this ejaculate, however, is more glucose, water and other liquid fluids and not urine.

Learning to trust that she isn’t peeing but ejaculating can be one of the challenges she faces.

One way that seems to be effective for a woman to explore ejaculation is in the shower or tub.

The confidence gained by not having to worry about making a mess seems to be the key for many women.

During her orgasm, she should bear down and relax, allowing the release to happen.

Toys and a penis can both also provide the stimulation to bring your partner to orgasm with ejaculation.

Try using the toy or penis just inside the vaginal opening, stimulating the g-spot vigorously.

Then remove it and rub it on the outside of the opening, near the urethra.

This stimulation often will get the woman close to orgasm and if she pushes out, instead of drawing in she is likely to experience female ejaculation.

Like any new sexual activity that you try with your partner, be patient, supportive and listen to her.

No two bodies work the same and the key is learning to try different things until you both find something that works well.

It is unlikely to happen the first time a woman tries but like they say, practice makes perfect.

With female ejaculation, the pleasure of having an actual release is indescribable.

It is empowering and very satisfying for both partners. Let go of the stigma and the concern and just enjoy.
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