How to Have Better Orgasms

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While it is true that most people enjoy sex because an orgasm is the best reward this process can offer, it’s worth knowing that there’s more to sex than just climaxing.

You should really enjoy the moments and connect with your partner because this will only take things to another level.

[tip]Focusing just on getting an orgasm will transform sex into a sport.[/tip]

Not to mention that women can find it more difficult to reach climax than men, especially if proper foreplay is not employed.

So, before getting into more details about how to have better orgasms, try to understand that having a great time in the bedroom with your partner should go beyond this. If you do so, you won’t just enjoy better orgasms, but better sex.

For most of us, without a doubt, having an outstanding orgasm, as often as possible, is a sign of incredible sex life. So, no wonder we’re so keen on getting there fast.

[tip]Still, having sex, and even masturbating, can be much improved if you work on it a little, and not just on the orgasm part.[/tip]

There are so many details and aspects that can enhance these intimate moments that’s really a pity not to take them into account.

[help]Having said all these, are you ready for better orgasms? Here is how to reach mind-blowing climaxes and how to upgrade your sex life.[/help]


Know Yourself Well and Know What You Like

It is impossible to have a great sex life and outstanding orgasms if you don’t know what you like. How to get out of mediocre sex?

[tip]Invest time in getting to know what you truly enjoy.[/tip]

And this means to have sex on your own or, as some prefer saying, to masturbate. There’s really no shame in doing this and, believe it or not, as a woman, this process will help you a lot when it comes to knowing your pleasure spots and moves.

Sex therapists from all over the world encourage self-satisfaction, not just a method to relieve tension and stress when you’re riding solo, but also as a good study method that will help you spicy up your sex life.

We are all different individuals and we react differently to stimuli. This is why it is impossible to find an exact recipe for having great sex or perfect orgasm.

[tip]The path toward better orgasms is self-experimentation.[/tip]

No matter how awkward it may seem right now, you’ll thank yourself later. So, make sure you make time to experiment, enjoy yourself, and discover what you like through masturbation.


You Don’t Know How to Start?

Here are some useful tips on masturbation. In case you never experimented with masturbation or if on the few occasions you decided to try it things didn’t work out as expected, a couple of tips can help you out.

Many women avoid masturbation because they don’t know how to start. So, they end up feeling awkward and abort the mission before they feel any kind of pleasure.

Knowing what most people enjoy may help you get started on this journey and, in time, it will open doors toward the things you like.

[tip]Before you start, make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable. Having a hot shower or bath before can help you with this. Begin by gently touching yourself around your intimate area.[/tip]

You can also try gently brushing the clit with your fingers, without any pressure or with little pressure, depending on how you feel.

Some women also enjoy applying pressure on the mons, which is the spot where pubic hairs start growing above the clit. Besides touches, women prefer various degrees of pressure when masturbating.

You can start experimenting with light pressure, simply gliding over the skin with your fingers. Then you can add a bit of pressure, moving the skin in your intimate area but not gripping it.

If you enjoy it, try medium pressure, which means movements that grip and move the skin. The majority of women prefer this type of pressure. a smaller percentage of women prefer a firmer massage of the area.
In case you feel like it or you want to experiment, don’t hesitate to give this part a shot also.

Finally, play with various types of movements as you touch yourself. You can do circular motions, up and down motion, side to side, tapping, flicking, wide ovals, pulsating in one spot, and more.

[tip]Trying things out is the only way you will get better orgasms and enjoy an improved sex life, whether you have a partner or not.[/tip]


Perform Kegel Exercises

Soft silicone kegel ball

Kegels can do wonders when it comes to better orgasms and sex. Both you and your partner will benefit from these exercises, so you may want to introduce them to your routine.

How come Kegels are so great? Well, this type of exercise strengthens the muscles of the vagina, which are closely connected to enjoying improved sexual experiences and better orgasms.

[tip]To enjoy top results, it is recommended to perform Kegel exercises three times a week.[/tip]

You don’t know how to perform Kegels? It may be difficult at first, but if you persevere and continue practicing, you’ll soon get the hang of it. Below you will find the steps to correct Kegels and, implicit, better orgasms:

Try to imagine you’re urinating and that you have to stop right in the middle of the flow. To do this, you will have to squeeze the muscles in your intimate area.

Once you feel the muscles squeezing, do your best to keep them in this position for 3 seconds.

In case you find yourself squeezing your buttocks, thighs, or even stomach, it’s worth knowing you’re doing it wrong and you’ll need to start over again. So, relax, take a deep breath, and repeat the exercising by imagining you’re trying to stop as you pee.

Did you manage to squeeze the right muscles, which stop the urine flow? That’s great. Repeat the exercise 10 times, holding the muscles in a squeezing position for three seconds each time. Don’t overdo this because you may experience soreness in the area.

When holding the muscles for 3 seconds becomes too easy for you, it’s time to increase the number of seconds. In time, you should be able to maintain the squeeze for 10 seconds.

Reaching this point means handling the Kegel exercises well and enjoying great vaginal muscles.


Relax and Avoid Faking an Orgasm

Unfortunately, some women prefer lying about having an orgasm, so that they won’t hurt their partners’ feelings. Well, faking an orgasm won’t get you closer to a better orgasm.

Orgasms don’t happen every time you have sex and that’s okay. You need to talk to your partner and make him understand he’s no failing if you’re not having an orgasm.

[tip]Not having to fake an orgasm will make you more relaxed, which increases the chances of enjoying an orgasm.[/tip]


Teasing Can Do Wonders

Are you always rushing into having an orgasm? You’ll be surprised to know that slowing down when you feel close and teasing yourself a bit more will actually get you a better orgasm.

The idea is to allow energy and tension to build up, by playing with yourself or slowing down during sexual intercourse.

Taking things down a notch, just to resume the process once you’re in control, builds up more “heat” and makes room for a memorable orgasm.

You can slow down, when you feel you’re close to climaxing, and then resume, for as much as you can.

[tip]Practicing this part through masturbation can help you handle it better during sex with a partner.[/tip]


You Feel Awkward About Watching Porn? Don’t Be

You can learn a lot of things, and methods, from porn movies. Of course, you don’t have to try complicated things right from the start, but such movies could spark your creativity.

[tip]Also, watching them together with your partner, before having sex, can really turn things on.[/tip]


Not All Women Climax Through Penetration

Maybe you’ll stop feeling bad or a failure knowing that most women can’t climax through penetration only.

But how about the famous “G” spot everyone’s talking about? Considering that the majority of women have clitoral orgasms, some believe the “G” spot is just a myth.

If this is your case, it’s time to stop thinking there’s something wrong with you, since you can’t have an orgasm during sex with your partner. Instead, you should tell him you enjoy a bit of stimulation around the clitoris.

Being honest about what you like will bring pleasure and satisfaction to both of you.


Don’t Hesitate About Getting a Sex Toy

women's vibrators

If you simply can’t reach orgasm on your own or you’re wondering how to improve at this chapter, getting a sex toy can make things more interesting.

The best part is that you can always buy a vibrator online if you’re feeling weird walking into a sex shop. Or, if you want to see the product first, then visiting a sex shop is the only way.

Nonetheless, being open to getting a sex toy is strongly recommended, as it can increase the level of satisfaction and allows you to experiment with pleasure in new different ways.


Orgasms Are Not Always the Same

Orgasms are different and it’s normal for things to be this way. Sometimes they are much more intense, while in other instances their intensity is not as desired.

And when this happens there’s no need to worry. According to studies, orgasms are stronger during ovulation, because during this period the clitoris tends to swell more than it normally does.

Also, it is worth knowing that medication like painkillers and anti-depressants can affect the ability to enjoy an orgasm because these meds can diminish one’s sexual drive.

So, if you’re on meds and you’re having a hard time having an orgasm, it may be a good idea to talk to your doctor about these problems.