How to Massage the Prostate Directly

A prostate massage

The male prostate stimulation toys are going to drive you crazy.

The male prostate stimulation is something many men in the past have had trouble accepting, as they probably equated it to the fact that playing in any way with the anus is going to indicate you have gay tendencies.

Of course, male prostate stimulation has nothing to do with being gay, it is a physical fact that the G spot for men is situated at that point.

To discover the art of male prostate stimulation, it can be done alone with just your fingers.

Lay back on the bed, and put a couple of cushions to elevate the area, and cover your finger in lube and gently massage yourself by rubbing around the anus.

Just rub for ages, and you will already feel the prostate gland beginning to react and send out an enjoyable sensation, this you may have not realized was even possible.

After a while, re-lube the fingers and with only one finger, gently push and twist the finger in the anal muscle, take your time and feel what it is doing to yourself.

When you are ready, push the finger through the anus then allows yourself to feel the new sensations.

You will be erect and also you will enjoying sensations you may have not ever felt before.

There are many more ways of using male prostate stimulation, the fingers are OK, but it would be more fun to allow yourself to get sex toys online that can do a lot more than your fingers will ever do.

The number of male prostate stimulation devices is mind-blowing, but if you are a beginner it is probably a good place to start very slow.

Something that you may feel more comfortable with is the anal beads, these are beads all joined together.

Take a look at the hundreds of online sex stores and choose with the confidence you need.

Instead of using your fingers, lube up the beads and very slowly one at a time, push the bead against the anus and let it be sucked into the anal cavity.

At the same time do not forget to pleasure the penis, as the whole purpose of any sexual stimulation is to try and get yourself off by the best possible means.

Keep letting the beads be sucked in until you have them all in, or until you feel that is as much as you want to try.

Once in you can then reverse the process, this is where you really feel the benefit of the stimulation.

Holding the end of the chord, just start a gentle tugging and you will feel the beads in the anal passage hitting against the rectus muscle.

After a while keeps tugging until you are ready to let one bead pop out of the anus.

This sensation is great, and the more beads you have inside you, the more often you will get that repeat thrill.

But as a beginner, you really have to ensure to make it pleasant by using a good amount of lube.

This really will make it a sensation without having it too uncomfortable or painful, unless of course, you are into a little pain.