How to Pleasure Your G Spot

How you react to sexual stimulation is going to be different than all of your other girlfriends and women in your life.

So yes, for sure you can go ahead and have some pretty intense and telling conversations with your friends, but keep in mind that no one is completely alike.

What that means is that what turns on your best friend and makes her cum hundreds of times might be a complete turn off for you.

And there are many factors that come into play when it’s sex time and the number of orgasms that you are going to be able to have.

Basic things can interfere like the time of the month or the amount of stress that you are under or the number of immediate distractions that are pulling your attention away from the fun at hand.

And how you want to be touched can be completely different from any one else you know. You might like hard, consistent pressure right on your clit or maybe you like a more subtle, teasing touch to get your hormones raging and your blood pumping.

So don’t compare what kind of responses you have to others, it’s really like comparing apples and oranges – really.

But if you are really wanting to get in touch with your G-spot side, then there are a few things that you can definitely do to make that happen and get some real pleasure and some real orgasms happening.

There are different ways to pleasure your G-spot; you can use your own fingers, your partner can use their fingers, or you can indulge in a little sex-toy action, which many women find the perfect solution.

First of all, make sure you set the right scene. Go pee before play time because once you feel your G-spot big O happening, it can feel like peeing and if you know that you just emptied your bladder, then you are not going to feel self-conscious and worry about having a potentially very embarrassing accident.

Make sure that you are relaxed and not stressed out. Adding pressure to perform is certainly a formula for disaster and disappointment.

Make sure that you won’t be interrupted, turn off the phone and make sure that the kids or roommates are not going to make an unfortunate appearance.

You might want to engage in some serious foreplay before you get too engaged in trying to find that secret spot.

The more aroused you are, the more engorged and swollen the G-spot becomes, and therefore it is way easier to find.

So whatever turns you on, kissing, external vagina stimulation, pleasuring your partner, whatever it is, just go for it and set the mood right from the start.

Then when you are ready, insert your own fingers, vibrator or partner’s fingers right inside your vagina one or two inches.

Locate a small squishy knob that is pleasurable to the touch and start rubbing and playing around that area.

And depending on what kind of pressure or intensity you can handle, you should start finding yourself getting more and more turned on all the time.

Then depending on how much stimulation you can handle you should start to feel a deep intense sensation and the feeling like you want to urinate.

Don’t worry about ejaculating at this time, just go with the flow and allow yourself to totally enjoy the experience.

It might take a few tries before you actually get the hang of having a G-spot orgasm, and that is totally ok.

Don’t even worry about how many Os you have or not, just allow yourself to have the experience and enjoy yourself.

And the more time you practice the more likely you are to have a great big G-spot orgasm and maybe even a great big ejaculation!