Lelo Luna Beads Review

LELO LUNA Beads kegel balls

Now if you’ve ever tried Ben Wa Balls then you’ve been a brave person indeed. These were quite the rage years ago but a lot of people really couldn’t get the hang of them for a variety of reasons.

Some women found them just way too big, way too cold, way too uncomfortable, and if they had internal beads, they were just way too noisy!

But there have been a lot of advances made with the idea of having balls inserted into the vagina in order to help strengthen the vaginal muscles and with that one of our most favorite sex toy experts LELO has managed to develop a whole new range of the old standbys and we think you are going to agree that they are definitely worth trying out.

The LELO Luna Beads are designed quite differently but with the same end goal in mind. There are basically two colored sets of silicone beads with weights embedded inside them.

The different colors represent the different weights inside. So the pink bead weights 28 grams and the blue bead weighs 37 grams.

Each set of beads actually has one bead at the head with a retraction leash and also a crown bead that does not have anything else attached.

The beads fit into a girdle or 2 silicone rings that are joined at the middle into which you can put any combination of beads into it.

So depending on which weights you put, you can have anywhere from 28 to 74 grams inside of you at any given time.

The one ring has a small opening so that you can pull the leash through just so that you don’t lose anything inside. And the other ring holds the additional weighted bead.

LELO Luna Beads Classic

This sounds a bit complicated but once you have them in your hands and try it out, it is actually a very simple, yet sophisticated process.

They suggest using some lubrication to get them inserted but that depends on your body and your own natural lubrication.

Then you insert the crown bead inside your vagina then the retraction bead. It might take a little bit of practice and it’s easier to do if you are lying down comfortably and the more relaxed you are the easier it is as well.

Once they are in you might want to try squeezing your kegel muscles a few times to get the feel of it then you are all set to go about your day.

You can have all sorts of fun walking around with these Luna beads safely tucked up inside you all day.

You can experiment with the different weights and see how much you can handle at once.

Regardless of whether you are able to take the full weigh or even if you want to use them during working hours, you will notice a remarkable difference on how much tighter those internal vaginal muscles can get.

And tighter vagina muscles can mean a much-improved sex life – so that’s reason itself to get some Luna beads and have some fun.