Lubricants for Sex: Why You Should Try Adding Lube to Your Lovemaking

Sexual lubricants

The most sensual sex is wet sex!

Wet sex is easily achieved by using lubricants.

We’ll explore the reasons why adding lubricants to your next sexual experience will add a new dimension to your lovemaking that you may not have tried before.

Also, we’ll explain the different issues that can cause problems with producing natural lubrication.

Have you ever suffered from some kind of discomfort because intercourse took place without a sufficient amount of natural lubrication?

Many women do and lubricants can help eliminate that problem.

Have you ever run out of natural lubrication during extended intercourse and suffered from a sore spot the next day (men and women both)?

If so, lubricants can help with that situation also.

Have you ever wished that condoms transmitted more sensation? With a lubricant, they can!

Have you have ever suffered discomfort during anal play? Anal lube is essential during anal sex.

Lube is often the most misunderstood, overlooked element in good sex.

It is one of the things that can make the biggest difference in your sexual satisfaction levels.

Saliva is the world’s most popular sexual lubricant.

It’s available everywhere, it’s free, however, it’s really watery and not very slippery and it is probably one of the most inefficient lubes available.

It dries really fast and for pleasure enhancement, it is not as effective as a commercial lubricant that was developed for specifically for pleasure.

For a modest cost, sexual lubricants can add a new sensual zing to your lovemaking.

Unfortunately, despite the easy availability of lubricants, not many people use them.

There was a study done in 1994 at the University of Chicago, and the researchers asked the women participants if a lack of vaginal lubrication had been a problem for them in the last year. Almost 20% said yes.

By just adding a lubricant, this problem can be eliminated.

If 20% of American women are complaining about insufficient lubrication, clearly millions of people are in the dark about lubricants.

So why don’t more people use them? Because people think that normal sex involves nothing but the body.

As a result, many people consider lubricants unnatural. We say that is nonsense.

Lubricants are as natural as any other sexual enhancer such as a candle, soft music, lingerie, a glass of wine, a sexy video, sex toys, etc.

Many normal, healthy women don’t produce much vaginal lubrication.

In the ’60s, pioneering sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson describe vaginal lubrication as an early sign of a women’s sexual arousal.

They maintained that the vagina produces lubrication fairly quickly when a woman becomes aroused.

However, for many perfectly normal healthy women, vaginal lubrication takes longer.

And when it does, there may not be much of it. Why not?

Here are some reasons why: Just as women vary in height, so does the production of their vaginal lubrication.

It’s nothing wrong with the woman; some people just produce more than others, and some just don’t lubricate very well at all.

Let’s look at a few of the factors that cause a difference in lubrication:


Age is a huge factor. Estrogen plays an important role in lubrication levels.

Estrogen production begins to decline before menopause and many women that had no trouble producing lubrication in their 20’s and 30’s start to notice a decrease in their 40’s and beyond when menopausal changes begin to occur.

After age 50, many women experience persistent dryness. This is a normal cycle for all women.

Even during the course of the menstrual cycle at any age, because estrogen influences the production of vaginal lubrication, women produce different amounts of lubrication at different times of the month.


Following childbirth, women produce different levels of lubrication.

This is, again, primarily due to estrogen, but there are also other issues that take place during childbirth that can some other fluctuation problems.


Every kind of stress, from job hassles to relationships to other tensions can impair a sexual response in both men and women.

In men, the result can be an erection impairment, and in women, stress can reduce lubrication.

With less lubrication comes less enjoyment.


There are so many over-the-counter and prescription medications that decrease vaginal lubrication.

You have to keep in mind that any time the medication decreases your hydration level it is going to decrease the wetness factor all over your body.

Some women report that birth control pills reduce lubrication. Antihistamines, cold formulas, and other medications that dry the mouth also impair lubrication.

Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Marijuana

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Most people don’t think of alcohol as a lubrication inhibitor, but it is.

So are cigarettes, and marijuana. They can all have similar effects decreasing that lubrication potential.


Airplane travel

Primarily travel by airplane. As we know, flying across time zones produces a jet-lag.

The pressurization and the dry environment of the plane along with the jet-lag cause extra problems with hydration and can definitely interfere with your lubrication production.

Extended Sex

Even women that produce a good amount of natural lubrication, sometimes need help during these ‘marathon’ sex sessions.

Few people understand that some women don’t produce much natural lubrication and those people might not understand any of the above circumstances.

Just as a man can love a woman deeply and not be able to have an erection because of diabetes, heart disease, stress or other issues, a woman can love a man and feel very turned on by him but still not produce much lubrication.

This is the case especially when they get close to menopause and after menopause when vaginal dryness becomes even more common.

If you’re a woman that doesn’t produce much lubrication, mention this to your lover.

Let him know that it is no reflection on him or on your feelings for him.

It is just the way you are and it is not a problem if you use a lubricant.

People don’t think a lot about lubrication for men too.

According to Masters and Johnson, shortly before orgasm, there is a gland in the penis that produces a few drops of lubricating fluid that moistens the head of the penis and helps it slid into the vagina.

It’s true that can happen for some people, but not for everyone. Many of the factors that influence the ability of women to produce lubrication also apply to men.

Even at best, it rarely covers any more than just the tip of the head of the penis.

Without adding lubrication, the shaft of the penis can become irritated during sex.

Also, never expect the natural male lubrication to be enough for any kind of anal exploration.

You always need to add extra lubricant or, anal lubricant, for anal play.

In a future blog post, we’ll explore the different types of lube that you can choose from and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Check back soon!