Male G-Spot Orgasm: What You Need to Know

Male G-spot orgasm

Some people thought once you enjoy and find pleasure in anal sex, you are considered to be gay.

This is not true at all, because even straight guys are having a blast with anal sex.

Male g-spot orgasm makes a huge difference when it comes to anal sex.

To understand this more clearly, one has to understand what male g-spot is.

The male g-spot, otherwise called the male prostate is the center of man’s reproductive system.

This gland can be located just inches away from your anus and just beneath the bladder.

It is round, shaped like walnut and is the most sensitive part of a man.

It plays a vital role in the production of the seminal fluid that will bring the semen to the vagina.

Stimulating the male g-spot will bring breathtaking, intensifying and longer orgasm and ejaculation.

This is called the male g-spot orgasm. This happens because the nerves that control the sexual organs including the one controlling the erection, orgasm, and ejaculation are gathered together in the prostate.

This whole area is considered the essence of man’s command for sexual pleasure.

Massage that will bring about male g-spot orgasm is not only for gay men. In fact, these days more and more guys are enjoying this because of the pleasure it gives and the health benefits it brings to every male.

There are more men engaging in prostate massage because the orgasms it brings are much more intense and last longer than a regular penile orgasm.

If you know the proper techniques and practice it more often, it is so easy to achieve a male g-spot orgasm.

You can perform this massage by yourself or you can have it done with a partner.

In fact, some couples find this type of sexual intercourse brings them closer to each other as they continue to discover each other’s most sensitive part.

Just as women can achieve several orgasms with g-spot stimulation compared to clitoral massage, men enjoy multiple g-spot orgasms compared to penile orgasms.

This is because some g-spot orgasm can happen without the actual ejaculation resulting in loss of energy.

How do you perform a g-spot massage?

All you have to do is to get the area ready by washing it with water and soap.

Fingers are the best as it will allow you several possible ways to get a massage.

Lubricate yourself well with a water-based lubricant.

Be comfortable and gentle.

Insert a finger inside slowly so as not to hit the tissues and membranes surrounding the area.

After locating your g-spot, massage it gently from left to right or using the “come here” method.

As you continue to do this stimulation, expect to feel the pleasure that will bring you to orgasm.

Sometimes though, ejaculation does not happen.

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