Male Masturbation Techniques

Hand holding a banana

Tips to help men masturbate sounds like the beginning of a joke.

But what isn’t funny is this misconception that all men are horn dogs who just need a jar of Vaseline and their right hands to have a good time.

Men, like women, are sexually complex.

Achieving stronger, more powerful orgasms requires more than a basic technique.

If the lube and jerk work for you, great – but maybe, just maybe, there’s a better way.

By masturbating, we’re fulfilling a need for sexual satisfaction.

Traditionally, that satisfaction would be achieved with a partner.

Since we’re not all lucky enough to be in a relationship – and not every relationship is one hundred percent sexually satisfying – that leaves the field of self-gratification wide open for play.

And no matter what anyone tries to tell you, masturbation isn’t dirty, wrong, or ‘cheating.’

To maximize your pleasure, try a few different variations of the traditional method.

Always remember to use lubricant of some kind before starting.

Grip your penis so that your wrist rubs against the underside with every thrust.

The more sensation you can wring out of every movement, the better!

If you can kneel on the bed at the same time, it’ll be double your fun.

Don’t neglect your testicles. The scrotum is an incredibly sensitive area and contributes to a lot of building pleasure as you get your motor revving.

If you enjoy a lighter touch, tickle your balls with the tips of your fingernails, or roll them gently in your palm.

For a more substantial touch, massage as deeply as is comfortable and arousing – every guy is different, so you’ll quickly figure out how you like it to go.

Being able to play with your testicles in one hand will allow you whatever stroking motion you prefer on your penis with the other.

Experiment with positioning until you find a rhythm that suits.

A great bonus move is to use a small egg vibrator in the palm of your hand while you roll your balls around with it – talk about a good buzz!

Another technique is the washrag. Use both hands at either end of your penis, and (gently!) twist in opposite directions, as you would wring out a rag.

If you feel daring, experiment with butt plugs.

Some men shy away from them, but there’s a lot of sexual kick in the anus, and its next-door-neighbor, the perineum, and plugs can kick it up a notch.

Remember, anything that makes you feel that good can’t be bad.

Some men like that feeling just before they come, and wish it could go on a bit longer.

Investing in a cock ring might be a good bet for prolonging that incredible feeling of tightness and pleasurable pressure just before you burst.

There’s no sex toy or sexual aid in existence that won’t work under the right conditions.

Anything you find pleasure it has the possibility to bring that pleasure with it to a new situation.