Original Pink Lady Fleshlight Review

Fleshlight Original Male Masturbator

If you have a problem with premature ejaculation then you know how embarrassing and unsettling it can be when you just can’t hang on until the right moment.

And no matter how comforting and understanding your partner is, it can still just put a damper on things and cause some disappointment on both sides.

There have been lots of articles and experts talking about this problem so at least at this stage you know that you are not nearly as alone as you feel.

But that really isn’t really helpful if at this moment all you really want to do is keep your wad inside until you decide to let it rip!

But luckily for you, there really is something that you can do about it and it really is not that painful – in fact, it can be darn right fun fixing this problem.

This solution may not be anything that you have considered before but that’s ok, that can make it even more exciting too.

So if you have never heard of a Fleshlight before then hang onto your penis because you are just going to love what we have to say.

This unit has been specifically designed for male masturbation and you have to know – they work!

We like the Original Pink Lady and so we’ve taken a closer look to give you an idea on how you might enjoy using a product like this.

Fleshlights designed to look like a flashlight but when you remove the lid inside is a sleeve that has been modeled after a woman’s vagina.

All the parts are there including the clit and even when you touch it with your fingers you are going to be amazed at how lifelike it looks and feels.

And guess what this means for you?

You can basically pump away in this thing day or night without any hassles, facing rejection, waiting for the right mood, or hour, or scenario – you can just pump and pump and cum and cum whenever and however, you want.

And what you are soon going to realize is that if you keep pumping and cumming eventually you are going to notice that your stamina is increasing and that you can hold off cumming longer each time.

So over a few sessions, you are going to be able to extend your staying power and that equates to longer sessions with your partner and less disappointments ahead.

And isn’t that a good thing to strive for? So the key is to masturbate more and cum less. And how much fun is that going to be practicing again and again!

So as you can see a fleshlight like the Original Pink Lady has only your best interests in mind and only your happy penis so, please.

The only real thing that you need to remember is to use lots of lube and keep it clean after each use.

Then you will have years of good fun ahead. You gotta like that!