Penis Extension

Penis enlargement

There are some people that will tell you that a penis extension is just a myth and that they don’t work. That simply is not true.

There are some products out there that are tried and tested and proven to help you enlarge your penis.

These items basically fall into three different categories: pumps, extensions, and rings.

The penis pump is a penis extension that has been around for a long time.

While some people think they are just a novelty or gag gift the reality is that they actually work.

Here is how they do the job. When you put the penis pump on it forms a seal at the base of your penis so when you start to “pump” you aren’t actually pumping air in, you are sucking the air out of the tube.

As the air leaves the tube it forms a stronger and stronger vacuum.

Meanwhile, your penis is actually quite flexible. The skin is pliable and able to stretch out.

The vacuum stretches the penis and makes it grow. As you get an erection your penis fills with blood.

When you stretch it out the skin it gives you room to grow and your penis is larger.

If there is a downside to the penis pump it is that the major effects are temporary.

If you use the penis pump on a regular basis you will start to see some long term effects and a real, lasting penis extension.

Another form of penis extension is an apparatus that you put on the end of your penis that adds length to it.

Think of it like a sleeve you put your penis into that adds length.

That length, of course, is fake so it is kind of like putting a small piece of a dildo on the end of your penis.

The plus side is that you have more length and may be able to pleasure your partner in a different way.

The negative is that you don’t gain any extra feeling from this.

One cool thing about this kind of penis extension is that there are a lot of different versions of it out there.

There are different lengths and widths as well as some that are ribbed, others have nubs.

Some have big heads, some even have built-in vibrators so it can still be fun to play around with an enjoy with your partner.

One last lesser-known type of penis extension is the girth ring. This is a tight band that you put around your shaft.

As you get an erection it gets tighter and tighter and captures the blood in your shaft.

In essences since the blood doesn’t flow back out, it causes your penis to expand in width.

This can help you get more girth. Some people have also said these work to help you last longer.