Penis Pumps - Pump Up Your Performance

Penis pumping

If you’re a short dick man and plastic surgery is not an immediate option, this is the tool to pump up your performance.

A penis pump is a hollow cylinder, typically made of clear plastic or glass that is completely open at one end and has a valve or tube connected to a bulb or some other mechanism by which air can be drawn out of the cylinder after the penis is inserted, creating a vacuum.

But don’t expect miracles – it only results in a somewhat larger and firmer erection that is temporary.

Here are a few tips to remember on using a penis pump:

Remember to use just the right amount of lube on the penis before sticking it into the sleeve.

Too much and you will have him slip-sliding away. Too little is also not good.

The entire area around the penis needs to be moist to prevent the penis from sticking to the sides of the cylinder as you pump.

Careful of getting your hair caught in the penis pump as it sucks away. It is an erection you want, not a hair trim.

The key to successful pumping is to go slow. Think of it in terms of how a tire inflates.

Too much air and it pops. While your penis is obviously not going to burst like a balloon, it can still feel like it is if you go too fast.

If you have a medical condition that causes you to bleed easily or have a blood clotting disorder, is diabetic, suffers from any peripheral vascular disease, or if you are taking anticoagulants, aspirin, or any blood-thinning medication, rather be on the safe side and opt for another sex toy to spice up your erotic session.

If you experience any bruising, pain, bleeding or loss of sensation, seek medical attention ASAP.