Personal Lubricants

Water based lube

Personal lubricants come in several classifications to increase pleasure in your sexual escapades.

All-purpose lubricants are designed to reduce painful friction and increase sexual satisfaction for vaginal or anal intercourse, masturbation, playing with sex toys, or intermammary copulation.

Guys especially -- remember that a wet woman is a happy woman -- impromptu quickies are aided immensely when you can supply the wetness.

Flavored lubricants help bring some excitement to the bedroom, adding a special something to oral sex, while still being safe for intercourse.

Fruit flavors, mint, and cinnamon tend to be favorites, the latter two offering cooling and warming sensations as private parts are licked clean.

Prolonging lubes desensitize the penis just a bit to help men last longer.

Delaying ejaculation means that a man can keep pleasing his woman long after nature would have had him down for the count.

Consider putting some of this inside the tip of a condom for maximum benefit.

Anal lubes help where lubrication is of utmost importance.

Anal lubricants tend to be heavier-duty, more resistant to dilution and absorption that could lead to painful irritation.

Some varieties of anal lubricant are oil-based (not compatible with latex condoms) and some contain numbing agents to make the anus less sensitive to avoid painful penetration.