Prostate Massaging Toys

Silicone p-spot vibrator
photo credit: Pipedream Products

The prostate massage toy is not going to make you gay.

The prostate is the size of a small quails egg, and it is so placed that the best way to stimulate it and make you feel really horny is via the rectum.

Now a prostate massage toy, is probably better than your fingers, and you can feel your own fingers, and are you feeling it via your finger or via the anus nerve endings?

The prostate massage toy can really enhance your sex life, and it in no way makes you gay.

That is just stupid beyond belief, so remember the gay guy's anatomy is the same as yours, so if they can understand the sensations, then so can anyone else.

A prostate massage toy could be the dildo or butt plug.

The dildo can have a vibrator or not, but of course, for the purpose of the thrill of exciting the rectum, a vibrating dildo is probably the best thing you can do to stimulate and enjoy.

The muscle of the rectum is very large, and of course, it is a strange sensation to actually push through the rectal muscle.

The first few times you do it, you will feel it may be a little strange.

The muscle is very durable and it will always return to normal, there is a very small chance of causing yourself damage.

The rules are to go slowly and use as much lube as you can, and remember the more lube you use, the easier it will be for the prostate massage toy to get pass the rectus muscle and get too exciting the prostate.

Now the anal stimulation does not have to be a solo thing.

A lot of straight couples are now stimulating each other’s anal passages, with prostate massage toys, and this is will be more fun as long as you are both communicating about what you are doing.

Telling each other how it feels, and of course, telling each other to go further or slow down.

The joy of a man being jerked off at the same time as having his anal G-spot stimulated is really a must.

Your girlfriend or wife will be able to see something she may have never seen before.

Let this be a joint venture, from going online and looking at your leisure at the thousands of sights that sex adult toys.

Let her see you really reacting to the anal stimulation is going to be a huge turn on for her too.

The online toy she has chosen will let her feel she really is part of this.

If you prefer to start solo and experiment alone, that is cool too.

Have a look at the numerous toys that you can purchase online to really enhance your experience.

You can choose dildos made of many substances and that may make you prefer rubber or the gel type products.

Some of the dildos are not smooth, you can buy a dildo that is full of bevels and raised areas that will really cause the anus to be further stimulated as it is inserted up the canal.