Top 10 Sex Dolls for 2021

Molly All American sex doll

If you’ve decided to buy a sex doll, you’ve made a great decision.

Having a life-size silicone model of a woman that is completely prepared to satisfy each and every one of your sexual desires without complaint is a wonderful idea.

The cost is worth every penny when you consider what you’re getting. If getting the woman of your dreams is too complicated of a hassle, and buying her as a full-time sexual companion is much easier.

Want to watch divulge in a specific erotic act? She’s into it. Want to get a blowjob in the middle of the night? She’s into it.

The only thing you need to send yourself to bliss is a bit of water based lubricant.

Still not convinced? Each one comes with a full steel skeleton, fully movable joints, and skin that is soft and realistic to the touch.

Having fun with her will be easy, the hard part will be choosing which one to bring home to do. This list will help you decide which one is best for you.

1. Best Ass: Gabriella

Big ass sex doll Gabriella

If ass is what you like, look no further than Lenora. She is a wonderfully petite woman with strong, muscular hips that hold up her shapely derriere.

Her exaggerated hour-glass shape is deliciously perfect and makes her thick in all the right places. She’s perfect for getting bent over a bed so that her holes can get pounded.

She will be ready for you with a beautiful smile whenever you want it, and she will keep you satisfied for as long as you want. She is heavy at 95 pounds and will feel like you’re filling up a real woman.

Top 10 Sex Dolls for 2021

2. Most Realistic: Auburn

Although you can customize this beauty’s hair to any color, we suggest you keep her with this fiery, red.

This perky bopper is incredibly realistic and alluring. She looks amazingly pure, but she’s ready to enjoy any position with you.

Her body moves realistically, especially when responding to the movement of getting made love to. Each of her holes are tight and ready to be filled up with your cock.

Her lips are soft, and kissable and her perky tits are ready to be groped as often as you’d like.

Top 10 Sex Dolls for 2021

3. Cutest Babe: Lana

Japanese sex doll Lana

She will be perfect for you if you are into slim, petite figures, if you have little room for storage, or are looking for something that’s easier to handle than a larger size doll.

She is gorgeous and her slim body makes it easy to have rough, overpowering sex with. She may be tiny, but she’s got everything you need to keep you satisfied for as long as you want.

Top 10 Sex Dolls for 2021

4. Most Beautiful: Molly

All American sex doll Molly

If you’ve ever wanted to bring home a model, you’ve found her right here.

Molly is an absolutely stunning catch and well worth the price. Imagine having this girl next to you that allows you to make full and complete use of her sexy body.

Her mouth and lips and perfect for kissing or for slipping your manhood into. Her perfectly shaped pussy is a delight. She’s ready for everything.

Top 10 Sex Dolls for 2021

5. Best Body: Sasha

Brazilian sex doll Sasha

This doll is the one for anyone who loves seeing a perfectly proportioned and realistic hourglass shape.

Her breasts are firm, yet soft, perfect for squeezing, her stomach is thin and fit, and her butt is incredibly round and bouncy.

Her lips are full and soft, and her mouth is the perfect shape to take in your erection. She’s got everything to fulfill your fantasies, and more.

Top 10 Sex Dolls for 2021

6. Best Breasts: Kassandra

Top 10 Sex Dolls for 2021

This top-heavy girl is blessed with a huge rack. You will have full control of her luscious curves and be able to watch those swollen tits bounce as you shove yourself into her.

Her nipples have a beautiful natural color. Her face comes with incredible hand-painted details that help bring her to life.

You’ll be able to nuzzle, suck, and lick her in every way you want it. Her tits are truly a work of art, ready to be spanked, rubbed, groped, or whatever you might be into.

The best part? She’s a beauty from every angle. If you turn her around, she’s got an amazing ass.

Top 10 Sex Dolls for 2021

7. Best Curves: Vivian

Top 10 Sex Dolls for 2021

Prepare to have your fantasies come to life with this incredible MILF doll. Her huge breasts and her bodacious ass will leave you perfectly content.

Her body has curves in all the right places. She is ready and willing to be bent in any position that your heart desires.

Her beautiful features give her a sexy exotic look that is incredible to gaze upon at when you’re slipping your cock inside of her.

At 107 pounds, her weight helps to add to the realistic feeling of a lovely woman next to you. That, combined with the softness of her body, makes her the perfect companion to bring home.

Top 10 Sex Dolls for 2021

8. Most Fun: Francine

Black sex doll Francine

For those of you who are having cravings of the chocolate kind, this cutie is the one for you.

She’s got the aura of angelic innocence that’s hiding a sexy little secret. Her sweet little body is sure to drive you wild.

Her ass is a perfect shape and her breasts are beautifully shaped with realistically colored nipples. This is the ultimate sweetheart to have a bit (or a lot) of fun with!

Top 10 Sex Dolls for 2021

9. Most Elegant: Celine

French sex doll Celine

Everyone needs a cute, elegant blonde in their lives. This stunner is the perfect embodiment of the girl of your dreams.

Her features are soft and demure, and her body has the sexiest proportion. Her thighs, butt, and breasts are wonderfully thick and juicy while her waist is slim and petite.

Her mouth is the perfect shape to please you, and her curves are perfect for groping.

Top 10 Sex Dolls for 2021

10. Best Legs: April

Top 10 Sex Dolls for 2021

If you’re hungry for sexy legs, take a look at April’s.

She’ll have you ravenous. Everything about her is perfect, but the best thing about her can clearly be seen from her behind.

Her legs are luscious and thick, and her butt is incredible. She’s the type that will bring your fantasies of a submissive woman in your bed to life.

With a sexy, exotic look and pretty curly hair, she’s the perfect lady to lay down in your bed and have your way with.

Top 10 Sex Dolls for 2021