Vibrating Panties Review

vibrating thong

Vibrating panties are so fun we just get all jazzed up when it comes time to review another one.

And when we know it is also going to be review time for a Dr. Laura Berman product as well, both those two combinations together mean that we are doubly jazzed!

First of all, we love Dr. Laura Berman products because they are always the highest of quality and seriously we have never found one that we didn’t like so far.

We think this company has very high standards, they provide great customer service, and their products are designed by women for women so they get what it takes to turn women on and turn them on well!

And when it comes to vibrating panties we think they are so fun and we like to imagine all the people out there who get to wear them and play, play, play that we are actually so jealous just thinking about that!

And wait until you try out the Berman Astrea remote control vibrating thong panties – they are just to die for!

These particular thongs are beautiful as well as functional with their sexy detailed stretch lace. They are comfortable which we all know is an added bonus.

For those of you who’ve been stuck with uncomfortable thongs you know exactly what we mean when we say you don’t want anything up your butt cheeks that is going to distract you from the really important activity going on up front!

These are machine washable and the bullet can be removed so that you can also use it separately which also increases its versatility as well.

The Berman Astrea vibrating panties do come with a mini remote control feature which means that you can keep the remote in your pocket for complete control at all times on when and how often you turn the switch on and enjoy the vibrations.

You can also be a lot more daring and hand over all control to your partner and be prepared to have some unexpected jolts of pleasure when you’re least expecting it.

This compact little unit has 12 foot range so you know that fun can be had in a whole number of different social situations without anyone else being any the wiser.

You can have your own little private sex party even in the middle of a group – now what kind of turn on is that.

Just think of all the foreplay that you can both enjoy long before you even get home between the sheets. You’ll be wet and he’ll be hard just thinking about it!

So if you have never tried out anything like this then for sure you owe to yourself to at least give it a whirl.

And with the Berman line of products, you know that you are purchasing a quality thong that is not going to fall apart.