Where is the Male G-Spot?

male g spot

This is a common question posted by most people who are not aware of what or where is the male g-spot.

Interestingly, male g-spot feels so incredible when you massage it. It is almost the same as the female g-spot, it can be very exciting and pleasurable but not all men are aware of where it is located.

The male g-spot is not a topic most discussed or taught in school. Although men think of sex regularly, most are not aware of the male g-spot.

Male g-spot is also called the male prostate. The prostate gland is the center of the male reproductive system and it is considered the most sensual part.

The prostate gland plays a major role in a man’s sexual capacity in terms of his ability to enjoy sex.

In fact, once the prostate is facing difficulties, conditions like impotence and erectile dysfunction happen to men.

It is important to know the right way to stimulate the prostate so to bring him intense orgasm.

Fondling or massaging it can bring men to great sexual heights to the point of achieving orgasm.

Sometimes, men do not ejaculate when having an orgasm but each one is very intense and satisfying.

Where is the Male G-Spot Located?

The male g-spot or the prostate is located inches away from the anus just below the bladder.

The prostate is the one responsible in the production of the clear-like fluid that protects the semen as it enters the vagina.

This happens when a man ejaculate. There is a sexually gratifying side to the prostate that can only be achieved once you know where the male g-spot is located.

The prostate gland can be found close to the bladder surrounding the urethra. It is not that difficult finding the g-spot.

The important thing is to always be gentle when looking for it. Some people, especially when it is their first time, would rather use a finger to search for it rather than prostate massager or toys.

Whatever works for you will do. To find the prostate for the first time, you have to wash the area clean with water and soap.

Wash your hands and put on a latex glove and have it well lubricated with a water-based lubricant.

Work very slowly as you insert your finger inside and gently feels for the well-rounded walnut-shaped gland.

The moment you find it slowly massage it. You can do it left and right or you can do the “come here” finger motion with your palms facing upward.

As you continue to do this, some men would reach orgasm because of the intense pleasure they get.

However, never be in a hurry because once you move too quickly you can cause injury and a lot of discomforts.

Some people like using prostate massager or toy instead of fingers as using it can directly hit where is the male g-spot.

However, it is still important that if you decide to use this, you need to wash the toy clean and never insert the toy from the anus to the vagina without cleaning it first.

The fecal materials can cause infection to the vagina which can be very uncomfortable.